2-Way Power Divider/Combiner

This broadband, microstrip power divider is designed for general purpose combining and splitting, particularly power amplifier and antenna signal combining.


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- Broadband 2 ~ 6 GHz
- Microstrip construction
- Low input VSWR
- High isolation between output ports
- Excellent amplitude and phase balance

Part number
Frequency band 2 ~ 6 GHz
Insertion loss 0.8 dB max
Output isolation 22 dB min
VSWR (Sum port) 1.35 dB max
VSWR (J1, J2 port) 1.30 dB max
Amplitude balance 0.3 dB max
Phase balance 1.5 deg max
Impedance 50 Ohm
Input power rating Maximum input average power in splitter application and assuming single carrier
15W @loads VSWR < 1.5:1
5.5W @loads VSWR < 2.0:1
2.5W @loads VSWR < 3.0:1
Connector SMA female
Operating temperature -20C to +60C
Dimensions 46.8mm x 50mm x 16mm

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