Lightning Protector

Quarter wave stub technology is based on a three-port coaxial device with N female connectors. When lightning strikes, current is instantaneously diverted to the ground through a short circuit mechanism in the stub. The advantages of this technology are no maintenance required and the lowest residual voltage passes through to the equipment.


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- Quarter wave stub design
- Work like band pass filter
- No DC capability
- Maintenance free
- Lower residual voltage
- Low intermodulation level
- Weatherproof

Part number
Frequency band 824 ~ 960 MHz
Impedance 50 Ohm
VSWR 1.2 max
Insertion loss 0.2 dB max
Residual voltage 15V @2.5kA (8/20 microsec test pulse waveform)
RF power rating (VSWR=1) 1.2kW @900 MHz
Intermodulation -110 dBm (2x20W)
Mounting Bulkhead
Weight 207 +/-10g
Protected side connector N female
Surge side connector N female
Mating life 500 cycles min
Operating temperature -40C to +80C
Dust and waterproof rating IEC 529 / IP65

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