Precision IC Sockets

SERIES 10669 - 10689, 150000
Open frame, turned pins (dual in line)

Drawing (PDF)

Insulation material

PBT black, 30% glass-filled polyester, self-extinguishing, acc. to UL 94 V-0

Sleeve material

Turned brass, tin or gold plated over Ni

Clip material

Stamped BeCu, tin or gold plated over Ni

Current rating


Voltage rating

100V rms/150V DC

Operating voltage

10mV - 60V

Dielectric strength

1000V rms min

Contact resistance

10 mOhm max

Insulation resistance

1012 Ohm min

Air and creepage distance

0.6mm min


0.3 pF max

Mechanical life

100 cycles min

Insertion force

4-finger clip = 2N
6-finger clip = 0.65N

Extraction force

4-finger clip = 1N
6-finger clip = 0.3N

Operating temperature

-550C to +1250C

Solderability 2350C/5 sec
Vibration 10-2000 Hz, 15g, no electrical discontinuity = 1microsec min
Shock 50g, no electrical discontinuity = 1 microsec min
Climatic category IEC 55/125/21
Resistant to atmospheric corrosion IEC 68-2-42/IEC 68-2-43


Part number # of positions Sleeve plating Clip plating
300/233C1066911 4 TIN TIN
300/233C1066912 TIN GOLD
300/233C1066913 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1067011 6 TIN TIN
300/233C1067012 TIN GOLD
300/233C1067013 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1067111 8 TIN TIN
300/233C1067112 TIN GOLD
300/233C1067113 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1500005 10 TIN TIN
300/233C1500006 TIN GOLD
300/233C1500007 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1067211 10 TIN TIN
300/233C1067212 TIN GOLD
300/233C1067213 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1067311 14 TIN TIN
300/233C1067312 TIN GOLD
300/233C1067313 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1067411 16 TIN TIN
300/233C1067412 TIN GOLD
300/233C1067413 GOLD GOLD
Part number # of positions Sleeve plating Clip plating
300/233C1067511 18 TIN TIN
300/233C1067512 TIN GOLD
300/233C1067513 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1067611 20 TIN TIN
300/233C1067612 TIN GOLD
300/233C1067613 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1067711 22 TIN TIN
300/233C1067712 TIN GOLD
300/233C1067713 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1068011 22 TIN TIN
300/233C1068012 TIN GOLD
300/233C1068013 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1067811 24 TIN TIN
300/233C1067812 TIN GOLD
300/233C1067813 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1068111 24 TIN TIN
300/233C1068112 TIN GOLD
300/233C1068113 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1068211 24 TIN TIN
300/233C1068212 TIN GOLD
300/233C1068213 GOLD GOLD
Part number # of positions Sleeve plating Clip plating
300/233C1067911 28 TIN TIN
300/233C1067912 TIN GOLD
300/233C1067913 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1068311 28 TIN TIN
300/233C1068312 TIN GOLD
300/233C1068313 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1068411 32 TIN TIN
300/233C1068412 TIN GOLD
300/233C1068413 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1068511 36 TIN TIN
300/233C1068512 TIN GOLD
300/233C1068513 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1068611 40 TIN TIN
300/233C1068612 TIN GOLD
300/233C1068613 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1068711 48 TIN TIN
300/233C1068712 TIN GOLD
300/233C1068713 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1068811 50 TIN TIN
300/233C1068812 TIN GOLD
300/233C1068813 GOLD GOLD
300/233C1068911 64 TIN TIN
300/233C1068912 TIN GOLD
300/233C1068913 GOLD GOLD

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