Telcom Connectors

Shielded twisted pairs cords with assembled and molded boots

Shielded twisted pairs cords use 24 AWG wires. Aluminum Mylar shield wrapped around the inner conductors provides good protection from data errors. A drain wire helps to complete a proper ground connection. Insulated with best grade of PVC formulation.
Cords with assembled boots
Length Part number
1 m 300/272CS01AXX
2 m 300/272CS02AXX
3 m 300/272CS03AXX
4 m 300/272CS04AXX
5 m 300/272CS05AXX
7 m 300/272CS07AXX
10 m 300/272CS10AXX
20 m 300/272CS20AXX
Cords with molded boots
Length Part number
1 m 300/272CS01MXX
2 m 300/272CS02MXX
3 m 300/272CS03MXX
4 m 300/272CS04MXX
5 m 300/272CS05MXX
7 m 300/272CS07MXX
10 m 300/272CS10MXX
20 m 300/272CS20MXX

Note: "XX" means color code: WH - white, BK - black, RD - red, GN - green, YL - yellow, BL - blue, OR - orange, GY - grey, IV - ivory

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