Telcom Connectors

Unshielded twisted pairs cords with assembled and molded boots

Unshielded twisted pairs cords are assembly of 4-pair cable with modular RJ45 (8P8C) plugs crimped at both ends.

Cable consists of pairs of 24 AWG wires, each pair twisted at a rate varying 2 to 12 twists per foot. PVC jacket.
Cords with assembled boots
Length Part number
1 m 300/272CU01AXX
2 m 300/272CU02AXX
3 m 300/272CU03AXX
4 m 300/272CU04AXX
5 m 300/272CU05AXX
7 m 300/272CU07AXX
10 m 300/272CU10AXX
20 m 300/272CU20AXX
Cords with molded boots
Length Part number
1 m 300/272CU01MXX
2 m 300/272CU02MXX
3 m 300/272CU03MXX
4 m 300/272CU04MXX
5 m 300/272CU05MXX
7 m 300/272CU07MXX
10 m 300/272CU10MXX
20 m 300/272CU20MXX

Note: "XX" means color code: WH - white, BK - black, RD - red, GN - green, YL - yellow, BL - blue, OR - orange, GY - grey, IV - ivory

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