Silicone Rubber Keypads


Silicone rubber keypads are electronic components that require specialized technology to produce and a commitment toward achieving the latest technology. In our daily lives, they are widely utilized in calculators, computers, telephones, remote controls, video games etc. In order to be a professional supplier of silicone rubber key pads, careful attention must be made to achieve the best feeling, finest appearance and highest durability.


The big difference between keypads printed with this method is that the printing is under the rubber, therefore extending the life of the printed legends. Customers can choose any color they like.

This product is the next generation after Zymark printing. The characters are printed on the elastomer and then a Polycarbonate pill is placed on top of the printing. This makes the printed legend life infinite. This technology is ideal for backlit applications and can be made with fluorescent elastomer material for high brilliance. There is no restriction to the shape of the key top


This series uses a film cap that is printed on the underside and then applied to the elastomer base. This eliminates any deterioration to the legend and allows for back lighting. The feel can not be achieved through standard silicone. Virtually any shape key top can be obtained.

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