Pushbutton Switches

Part number Description Part number Description
300/203S1066410 non-lock, grey case, w/o LED 300/203S1066520 lock, black case, w/o LED
300/203S1066411 non-lock, grey case, red LED 300/203S1066521 lock, black case, red LED
300/203S1066412 non-lock, grey case, green LED 300/203S1066522 lock, black case, green LED
300/203S1066413 non-lock, grey case, yellow LED 300/203S1066523 lock, black case, yellow LED
300/203S1066420 non-lock, black case, w/o LED 300/203S1066610 non-lock, click, grey case, w/o LED
300/203S1066421 non-lock, black case, red LED 300/203S1066611 non-lock, click, grey case, red LED
300/203S1066422 non-lock, black case, green LED 300/203S1066612 non-lock, click, grey case, green LED
300/203S1066423 non-lock, black case, yellow LED 300/203S1066613 non-lock, click, grey case, yellow LED
300/203S1066510 lock, grey case, w/o LED 300/203S1066620 non-lock, click, black case, w/o LED
300/203S1066511 lock, grey case, red LED 300/203S1066621 non-lock, click, black case, red LED
300/203S1066512 lock, grey case, green LED 300/203S1066622 non-lock, click, black case, green LED
300/203S1066513 lock, grey case, yellow LED 300/203S1066623 non-lock, click, black case, yellow LED
Available color of top button: red, blue, green, yellow, brown, orange. Please, specify!



Top button



0.1A @30V DC


 Full travel


 Contact resistance

100mOhm max


 Ambient temperature

-25C to +65C

 Insulation resistance

100MOhm min @500V DC




 Operating force



     No load

100,000 cycles




     Full load

10,000 cycles

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