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We build and assembly a wide variety of metal parts and electro mechanical assemblies using latest maching technologies for industrial, aerospace, microwave, medical and electronics applications. In us you will find a partner with expertise in design and manufacturing parts to your specifications and acceptable turn around times. Customer satisfaction is in excess of 96% since yaer 2000.

Fig 1 - Fan Mounting Assy

Fig 2 - Medical Power Supply

Fig 3 - Aircraft Assy

Fig 4 - Lift Crane Assy

Fig 5 - Microwave Cavity

Fig 6 - Communication Module

Fig 7 - Mounting Brackets

Fig 8 - Signal Conditioning

Fig 9 - Mounting Brackets

Fig 10 - Adapter Plates / Covers

Fig 11 - Display Adapter

Fig 12 - Spacer Pads

Fig 13 - Custom Applications

Fig 14 - Arcft Wing Assy

Fig 15 - Chassis Base

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